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    11 July 2024
    Making the most of event season
    Summer events season is here, and so are the festivals, sports and celebrations we all look forward

    01 July 2024
    Maintaining a good work-life balance
    It’s National Workaholics day, and we’re taking the moment to acknowledge the dedication of those wh

    25 June 2024
    Win a holiday on us!
    Enter our £750 prize draw by submitting a job vacancy by 31st July.

    12 June 2024
    What should I do after university?
    Not knowing what you want to do after university can be daunting and with so many graduates also loo

    22 May 2024
    An un-FORE-gettable awards evening and conference
    Berry Recruitment Group’s annual conference and awards ceremony was held this year at the exclusive

    18 April 2024
    Steps for Success After Redundancy
    As experts in recruitment and employment, we’ve compiled a helpful guide on what to do if you’ve bee

    10 April 2024
    Frustrated job seekers flock to fair
    Job seekers unable to find work by applying directly to companies swamped a recruitment team at a re

    03 April 2024
    How can I handle work stress better?
    10 strategies for managing your stress levels and supporting your well being.

    01 February 2024
    Berry Recruitment’s East Anglian expansion
    Berry Recruitment King's Lynn has partnered with facilities management organisation EMCOR UK to supp

    19 December 2023
    Watford Foodbank benefits from Berry
    The Watford branch of Berry Recruitment and the local Rotary club joined forces to deliver a bumper

    29 November 2023
    Oxford job hunters are missing out
    Oxford welcomes back its former manager who says job hunters often miss out on opportunities because

    07 November 2023
    Berry Recruitment wins over Watford
    Berry Recruitment has opened a new branch in Watford, Hertfordshire, meaning the company now covers

    26 October 2023
    Berry Recruitment turns the dial up to Max
    Berry Recruitment has appointed a new Regional Director to run its three branches in Southampton and

    26 September 2023
    Defending Against Recruitment Scams
    With the recent rise in scams and fraudsters impersonating Berry Recruitment consultants, we are tak

    18 September 2023
    Quiet quitting - how to boost morale at work
    Quiet quitting: what is it, and how do you prevent it?

    10 July 2023
    Hiring Event Staff: How agencies can help.
    Organising a large event is no small feat, and its success is largely down to the quality and the ex

    25 May 2023
    Inaugural Tony Berry award is presented
    Berry Recruitment Group’s inaugural Tony Berry memorial award for the business’s ‘combined top bille

    29 March 2023
    9 difficult interview questions and how to answer.
    The most common tough interview questions and how you should answer them, for permanent and temporar

    14 February 2023
    Guide to futureproof your business
    Just as we would expect post-pandemic, economic growth has leveled off. Although there are many reas

    02 January 2023
    The Benefits of Goal Setting
    For most of us, the New Year marks a period of time when we look ahead with fresh optimism and set o

    19 December 2022
    What to do if your job offer is rescinded?
    A sad reality of job searching is that there is a chance that your offer could be rescinded before y

    01 December 2022
    Should you include a cover letter?
    Should you include a cover letter? A frequently discussed topic, we weigh up and the pros and cons.

    18 November 2022
    Berry Recruitment’s Exeter branch moves to city
    Berry Recruitment’s Exeter branch has moved to the city centre as it continues to expand and search

    26 October 2022
    Why is there a shortage of staff in the UK?
    Broadly speaking, the coronavirus pandemic takes a big portion of the blame for the staffing issues

    14 October 2022
    Business and recruitment worlds mourn Tony Berry
    Tony Berry. 22.10.1940 – 26.8.2022

    06 October 2022
    Why diversity matters.
    Why businesses should prioritise diversity and four ways it can help them to become more successful.

    30 August 2022
    Meet the Onsite team
    Interested in finding out more about our Onsite service? Then why not get to know our team?

    04 August 2022
    Why you should choose a career in recruitment.
    Recruitment is an industry that’s big on challenges, but big on rewards. It’s a continuously growing

    13 July 2022
    BRG bullish about the future
    Even allowing for an economic slowdown the market looks strong, according to the managing director o

    09 June 2022
    Test your food hygiene knowledge!
    Interested in a career within Catering & Hospitality?

    07 June 2022
    Temporary Summer Work
    Whether you have your entire summer already planned out or you're leaving your diary open to last-mi

    25 May 2022
    Down-to-earth recruiter raises funds for charity
    A recruitment manager from Cornwall leapt from an aeroplane at 10,000 feet – even though she is terr

    27 April 2022
    Why a skills audit is important to your business.
    Recognising potential knowledge gaps early can help to support the long-term success of a business w

    27 April 2022
    Berry Recruitment goes the distance
    Mental health is a major factor in how we live our lives, including how we work.

    14 April 2022
    Ukraine mercy mission saved by goodwill
    A kind-hearted recruitment manager from Harlow who set out to deliver aid to Ukraine’s refugees had

    14 April 2022
    Things recruiters and employers look for on a CV.
    We ask our experts what the things that stand out to them when looking at a candidate's CV are.

    06 April 2022
    BRG posts fulsome financial results
    Berry Recruitment Group (BRG) anticipates continued strong growth through 2022 as it releases its la

    31 March 2022
    Fancy yourself as a chef?
    Got a passion for food and cooking? With the ability to work under pressure? Take our quick quiz to

    22 March 2022
    How to attract & retain staff in a worker shortage
    As the cost of living crisis spirals, UK workers are understandably looking for ways to maintain the

    25 February 2022
    How a recruitment agency could save you money.
    As we all know, business and consumer demands fluctuate dramatically month-to-month and even year-to

    23 February 2022
    Wage rises cease as businesses struggle
    Wage increases amongst blue collar workers have plateaued and some are even reducing, according to a

    16 February 2022
    How to save on your energy bills.
    Due to supply and demand on the global wholesale market, millions are facing a steep increase in the

    07 February 2022
    How is your warehouse safety and general knowledge
    Many industrial roles are within 'warehouse' facilities. Why not take our quick quiz to see how your

    13 January 2022
    How to keep positive when working from home.
    You may be feeling somewhat deflated if you are just working from home – and that’s completely norma

    01 January 2022
    How to use social media to find work.
    Social media has changed things for job seekers. Candidates can check reviews on company profiles, r

    22 December 2021
    Reckon you know a 'latte' about being a barista?
    Interested in a career within catering and hospitality? Think you know what it takes to be a barista

    14 December 2021
    Do you know your way round a warehouse?
    Interested in a career within the Industrial & GLAA sector?

    09 December 2021
    Will standardised pay cause a capital flight?
    Berry Recruitment warns of a potential ‘flight from London’ due to increased pay rates being standar

    29 November 2021
    Why now is the perfect time to look for a new job.
    Now is the perfect time to look for a new job (even if you are happy). Here are our 5 reasons why.

    27 October 2021
    Make seasonal temping work for you.
    The festive season is almost upon us! And while times are still unpredictable, one thing is for cert

    21 October 2021
    Getting back to work after a career break
    As a job seeker, you are in high demand right now. You’ve most likely heard about the current candid

    11 October 2021
    Berry’s onsite-offsite hub model is rolled out
    Berry Recruitment has launched the first of its new offsite hubs that it believes will be the templa

    27 September 2021
    Workers treasure leisure so bosses face losses
    Some businesses have as many workers as they did pre-COVID but they are working half the hours becau

    12 September 2021
    5 ways you can work on your employability at home
    If you’ve found that you have some spare time at your disposal, why let it go to waste? Now is the o

    01 September 2021
    How to Promote a Healthier Working Environment
    The fast-changing world of work and increased demands on employers and employees mean that the conne

    31 August 2021
    Let's get back to work with confidence.

    19 August 2021
    How the Olympics inspired us.
    Here we discuss what valuable lessons we learnt and how we can achieve our personal best to succeed

    05 August 2021
    The construction industry faces crisis
    The construction sector is facing a crisis because of a lack of workers – but it means wages are soa

    14 July 2021
    Why aren't there more female HGV drivers?
    HGV drivers not only play a huge role in the economy, but also in the smooth functioning of our soci

    08 July 2021
    Lessons from the Euro 2020's
    From the pitch to the workplace, here are 5 things we've learned from the Euro 2020's.

    06 July 2021
    How to attract staff in a worker shortage.
    When the pandemic hit and workers suffered a wave of redundancies, it was assumed that many would st

    14 June 2021
    Hendon wins again.
    Berry Recruitment Hendon picked up a number of major awards presented by its parent company despite

    28 May 2021
    Jobs in Kent
    A large area of Kent is within the London commuter belt and more people each year are relocating the

    20 May 2021
    Avoiding a lengthy hiring process
    Right now it’s a candidates' market. Jobseekers rule the hiring process and if yours is too slow, yo

    10 May 2021
    BRG predicts significant growth through 2021.
    Berry Recruitment Group (BRG) has predicted ‘significant’ growth this year after a record end to 202

    06 May 2021
    Mayor opens Berry’s West Wickham branch.
    Bromley Mayor Cllr Hannah Gray opened the new branch of Berry Recruitment in West Wickham High Stree

    01 May 2021
    How to prepare for a video interview.
    Why video interviews are becoming increasingly popular in the recruitment process and how you can be

    01 May 2021
    How much does a recruitment agency cost?
    Are you thinking of enlisting the help of a recruitment agency, but aren’t sure how the fees work? W

    01 May 2021
    Embracing flexible work.
    Temporary and contract workers are essential to the modern company’s recruitment strategy. They can

    14 April 2021
    Jobs in Stafford.
    Staffordshire is a thriving, multicultural region with vibrant cities and towns. It’s the largest ec

    12 April 2021
    Five Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress
    Work-related stress not only affects productivity, but it also affects your life outside of work and

    01 April 2021
    Redundancy FAQs
    After turbulent times following the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have sadly had to make the de

    30 March 2021
    Berry Recruitment appoints South West manager.
    Berry Recruitment has appointed Rebecca Hilling as regional manager for the South West – overseeing

    12 March 2021
    Demand for catering staff set to surge.
    Berry Recruitment warns catering businesses to get their staff ready now before the easing of lockdo

    12 March 2021
    Recruitment Agencies in Northampton
    Looking for a recruitment agency in Northampton? Get to know our Northampton branch by reading our

    08 February 2021
    Demand for temporary staff rockets.
    Berry Recruitment is placing on assignment over 1,000 more workers a day than it did when Covid stru

    19 January 2021
    Supporting you throughout COVID19
    While times remain tough for many businesses and job seekers, and with the near future still uncerta

    08 January 2021
    Careers in the Driving Sector.
    Focusing on careers in the Driving sector, we take a look at some statistics from the industry.

    21 December 2020
    Temporary workers to remain in demand in January.
    Due to the number of people returning Christmas presents, temporary workers will remain in demand th

    20 November 2020
    5 transferable skills from hospitality jobs.
    With many catering and hospitality employees looking for new opportunities, we've rounded up our top

    18 November 2020
    Working while on furlough.
    Furloughed workers could boost their incomes by taking driving jobs in the run-up to Christmas, a le

    22 October 2020
    GLAA Recruitment
    Berry Recruitment is a GLAA (Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority) license holder, which is essent

    12 October 2020
    Berry Recruitment in Major Appointment
    Former Royal Marine Jeff Williams is Berry Recruitment’s new Regional Manager for the Midlands.

    06 October 2020
    Recruitment Agencies in Stafford
    Looking for a recruitment agency in Stafford? Get to know our Stafford branch by reading our interv

    23 September 2020
    Driver Shortages Risk Christmas Delivery Times
    Christmas presents might go undelivered this year due to a driver shortage that is already acute.

    14 September 2020
    Understanding your Workplace Pension
    When it comes to workplace pensions, it can be confusing what you’re entitled to - particularly as

    28 August 2020
    A guide to group assessments.
    The thought of a group assessment can seem a bit daunting but they are normally friendly and welcomi

    28 August 2020
    A guide to the telephone interview.
    The telephone interview is a perfect time for you to sell yourself and make the interviewer want to

    28 August 2020
    A guide to CV preparation.
    A well-prepared C.V. is often the key to a successful job hunt and it is important that it does just

    28 August 2020
    A guide to the interview process.
    Particularly for permanent or contract work, a well-received application will most commonly lead to

    28 August 2020
    A guide to job & career fairs.
    Sometimes overlooked, job fairs can keep you, as a job seeker, motivated and focused when finding yo

    10 August 2020
    Berry’s business going Wellingborough
    Berry Recruitment has expanded its operations into Wellingborough in a strategic move to widen its E

    04 July 2020
    Careers in Construction
    Focusing on careers in the construction sector, we take a look at some statistics from the industry.

    01 July 2020
    Social Distancing - Construction Sector Advice
    Download our free infographic.

    16 June 2020
    COVID chaperones in demand
    As the country emerges slowly from the coronavirus lockdown a new type of job has emerged – the ‘Cov

    29 May 2020
    Recruitment Agencies in the Midlands
    Meet our Regional Manager, Jeff Williams!

    18 May 2020
    How to Conduct a Video Interview
    As we had to adapt our usual practices throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, video interviews have becom

    12 May 2020
    Social Distancing in the Workplace
    How COVID-19 has influenced the future of work and what workplace leaders can do to implement social

    11 May 2020
    Looking After Mental Health at Work
    We cover different ways to help look after mental health in the workplace and build resilience to st

    26 March 2020
    COVID-19: Jobs are being created as well as lost.
    While jobs are being lost during the coronavirus crisis, they are also being created, a leading recr

    17 March 2020
    BRG sees turnover and profits soar
    Berry Recruitment Group (BRG) has seen its turnover increase by £5m to £74.4m, as reported in its 20

    07 February 2020
    How to find high quality employees (& keep them)
    Salary and compensation might top the influencing chart on whether candidates join an organisation b

    07 February 2020
    What CSCS card do I need?
    Here's what you need to know when considering a career in construction.

    07 February 2020
    Benefits of temporary staff.
    Temporary and contract workers are essential to the modern company’s recruitment strategy. They can

    06 February 2020
    Recruitment Agencies in Cardiff
    Looking for a recruitment agency in Cardiff? Get to know our Cardiff branch by reading our intervie

    06 February 2020
    Recruitment Agencies in Kent
    Looking for a recruitment agency in Kent? Get to know our Kent branch by reading our interview with

    05 February 2020
    What are soft skills?
    The world is constantly transforming around us, and methods of exchanging goods and services globall

    31 January 2020
    BRG urges EU nationals to seek settled status
    A leading recruitment group is urging EU nationals to apply for ‘settled status’, which they say is

    17 January 2020
    Preparing your business for seasonal demands.
    For many industries, hiring needs fluctuate from season to season. That’s why seasonal employees are

    17 January 2020
    What type of team player are you?
    Being a team player is a sought-after quality by employers and recruiters, but do you know what type

    01 January 2020
    Recruitment agencies near me.
    How to choose the right recruitment agency.

    18 December 2019
    You’re hired!
    Children at one Kent school are now better prepared for the world of work after being grilled by loc

    04 December 2019
    Berry Recruitment harnesses new accreditation
    03 October 2019
    Could you be the next Apprentice?
    Check our Claude Littner's interview tips.

    27 September 2019
    How to write a resignation letter.
    Here are our top tips for writing a resignation letter, including a free downloadable template.

    16 September 2019
    Rethinking Robotics
    How technology in the industrial sector affects jobs.

    10 September 2019
    Stockpiling has led to lack of workers
    The national shortage of workers is being exacerbated as companies over-produce due to ‘no-deal’ Bre

    04 September 2019
    The changing face of construction.
    As part of our 2019 Women In Construction campaign, we talk to two of our construction recruitment e

    02 September 2019
    Careers in the Industrial sector
    Focusing on careers in the Industrial sector, we take a look at some statistics from the industry.

    29 August 2019
    BRG Targets Public Sector
    Berry Recruitment Group (BRG) has signalled an intent to increase its work in the NHS and public sec

    23 July 2019
    Six Reasons to Become a Warehouse Operative
    If you are graduating soon, or are just finding your job hunt a tough process, consider the benefits

    22 July 2019
    Lack of awareness hits recruitment industry
    A lack of awareness about jobs in the recruitment industry means many people are missing out on a pr

    09 July 2019
    Baran joins Berry
    Berry Recruitment has appointed a highly experienced new manager at its growing branch in Kent.

    08 July 2019
    Rethinking Robotics
    How autonomous vehicles will change recruitment in the driving sector.

    15 May 2019
    Ties out, tatts in.
    The wearing of ties at work and even for job interviews could be on the way out, according to a lead

    07 May 2019
    The Millennial and Generation Z Workforce
    12 April 2019
    Are Bad Hires Costing your Business?
    According to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), 85% of decision makers admit their

    03 April 2019
    BRG overcomes adversity with diversity
    Berry Recruitment Group (BRG) celebrated another year’s success at its annual awards ceremony which

    14 March 2019
    BRG’s turnover up again
    Berry Recruitment Group (BRG) has seen its turnover increase by more than six per cent to a touch un

    04 March 2019
    Women In Construction
    As part of Women In Construction Week, we take a look at gender diversity within the UK construction

    25 February 2019
    For whom the Berry tolls
    A leading recruitment business in South Wales has said the abolition of tolls on the two bridges has

    05 February 2019
    How to use social media in your job search
    Social media has changed things for job seekers. Candidates can check reviews on company profiles, r

    26 January 2019
    We love getting to know you.
    At Berry Recruitment, we have focussed on a simple goal since our inception; to locate talented indi

    09 January 2019
    Berry serving up new roles
    Berry Recruitment in Northampton has promoted Regine Coulter to run its new catering and hospitality

    17 December 2018
    Driver demand leads to wage increases
    More professional drivers are on the road in the run-up to Christmas than ever before.

    17 December 2018
    Good Work Habits That Will Boost Your Career
    We hear all too often how important it is to be constantly building our resume and accepting positio

    03 December 2018
    How to Survive Christmas Crunch Time
    Top five seasonal jobs that will ease the pressure of the Christmas Period.

    30 November 2018
    The Ultimate Workforce Planning Quiz
    Are you still putting the finishing touches on your 2019 recruitment and retention plan? Don't worry

    15 November 2018
    Nurturing High Performing Teams
    The value of a high-performing team has long been recognised. We take a look at five considerations

    08 October 2018
    Jobs boom in Brentwood
    A recruitment agency in Brentwood has opened a new office to cope with its growth and demand for its

    08 October 2018
    Making the most of Job Fairs
    Sometimes overlooked, job fairs can keep you, as a job seeker, motivated and focused when finding yo

    28 September 2018
    Express growth for Berry Recruitment
    Berry Recruitment has rebranded its Express Rail Services branch after it expanded into other sector

    05 September 2018
    BRG acquires CPN Construction Services
    The Southampton business CPN Construction Services has been acquired by Berry Recruitment Group (BRG

    02 August 2018
    Are bad hires costing your business?
    01 August 2018
    Lights, Camera, Action!
    Why video interviews are becoming increasingly popular in the recruitment process and how you can be

    07 June 2018
    Slow businesses missing out on talent
    Businesses are missing out on the best staff because they are taking too long making decisions, a le

    29 May 2018
    5 Sporting Lessons That Aid Success in Business
    As avid sports fans and proud sponsors of Women’s National Basketball League Team, Oaklands Wolves,

    29 May 2018
    Download your free World Cup Wall Chart.
    Join in the World Cup fun and keep track of your favourite team with the Berry Recruitment World Cup

    03 April 2018
    BRG turnover is up by £3m
    Berry Recruitment Group (BRG) has announced a turnover of £65m in 2017 – up £3m on the previous year

    15 March 2018
    Recruitment growth shows Darlington's strength
    Less than a year after opening its doors, Berry Recruitment in Darlington is now working out of bran

    02 March 2018
    BRG winners at global awards
    Berry Recruitment Group celebrated another year’s success at its annual awards ceremony which was he

    28 February 2018
    Attracting, Engaging and Retaining Top Talent.
    Salary and compensation might top the influencing chart on whether candidates join an organisation b

    09 February 2018
    Rebranded Joy proves Berry popular
    The former Joy Recruitment branch in South East London is having a purple patch after being re-brand

    17 January 2018
    Avoid the Last Minute Scramble
    For many industries, hiring needs fluctuate from season to season. That’s why seasonal employees are

    08 January 2018
    5 Trends Candidates Should Consider in 2018
    Video interviews and recommend a friend schemes are on the up! Here are 5 recruitment trends every

    27 December 2017
    New Year Recruitment Resolutions
    Have you considered your 2018 recruitment & retention strategy? Don't worry, there is still time...

    18 December 2017
    Slam dunk! Wolves find sponsor
    The Oaklands Wolves professional women’s basketball team has secured itself a new sponsor – Berry Re

    30 November 2017
    May your Christmas be Berry & bright.
    We'd like to take this opportunity to wish all our clients, candidates and social media and website

    30 November 2017
    Andrea brings Joy to Berry
    Berry Recruitment Group (BRG) has acquired the South East London-based Joy Recruitment – bringing it

    04 October 2017
    Gestamp of approval
    Berry Recruitment is already supplying close to 100 staff a day to the Gestamp operation in Llanelli

    04 October 2017
    Jobs boost in Wolverhampton
    Berry Recruitment has been chosen to supply more than half the workers at the new Gestamp factory in

    22 September 2017
    Berry's Cardiff Appointment
    Berry Recruitment in Cardiff has appointed Stacey Bullock as its new manager.

    25 August 2017
    Berry Recruitment's Truro Move
    Berry Recruitment’s branch in Falmouth has relocated to Truro as it expands to cover the entire coun

    17 August 2017
    UB40 leads to employment through Facebook
    More than 70 bar staff who performed at a UB40 concert in Darlington were recruited exclusively over

    15 June 2017
    Gross profit up to £13m at year-end 2016 for BRG
    Berry Recruitment Group (BRG) has increased turnover to £62m for 2016 – a figure that has more than

    06 June 2017
    Ian Langley hails 'inspirational' Tony Berry
    The chairman of global giant Airswift, the workforce solutions provider, hailed his ‘mentor’ Tony Be

    10 May 2017
    Candidate Power
    Michelle Stewart, director of Berry Recruitment Group, considers trends and challenges in the commer

    28 April 2017
    Angela makes a Splash
    A recruitment regional director who could barely complete four lengths of her local pool finished a

    03 April 2017
    Are you Apprenticeship Levy Ready?
    An important new piece of government regulation will be introduced this week so we thought we would

    27 March 2017
    Licensed to bill
    Berry Recruitment Group held its annual awards ceremony in London and guests heard how 2017 had got

    07 March 2017
    Dani's Darlington Recruitment Adventure
    Berry Recruitment Group (BRG) has established its first branch in the north east by opening offices

    02 March 2017
    Wild Berry Launches in London's West End
    One of the country’s fastest growing recruitment businesses has launched a major new brand in London

    25 January 2017
    BRG Moves Up The Charts
    Berry Recruitment Group (BRG) has moved up nine places in the rankings for privately-owned businesse

    08 December 2016
    Driver Shortage Worsens
    Christmas presents could go undelivered this year due to a ‘shocking’ driver shortage across the cou

    30 November 2016
    The Numbers Add Up For Berry Recruitment
    Berry Recruitment based in Falmouth has expanded its operations in response to a growing demand for

    18 November 2016
    How to Pass the Littner Test
    Claude Littner reveals the secrets of how a candidate can conduct a good job interview.

    18 November 2016
    Are You Aware Of Your Digital Footprint?
    Our social media manager Jemma Chown highlights the importance of being aware of our digital footpri

    01 November 2016
    On The Adaway Up
    Wild Recruitment in Portsmouth has appointed Claire Adaway to Team Leader – just two years after she

    03 October 2016
    Rebecca's Berry Fast Rise
    Berry Recruitment Group (BRG) has appointed Rebecca Esplin as its new Operations Manager in Stafford

    26 September 2016
    It's Time To Trust Your Temporary Workforce
    19 September 2016
    Office Move Doubles SIze Of Business
    Berry Recruitment in Hatfield has moved into new, larger offices - and doubled its number of staff.

    15 September 2016
    Gestamp Rise To Logistical Challenge
    A football tournament between departments of the Gestamp factory raised over £1,200 for the Teenage

    27 June 2016
    Oxford Recruiter Goes National
    The Oxford branch manager of a recruitment company has been promoted to National Strategic Sales Man

    26 June 2016
    Wild Swimmers Make A Splash
    Dorset’s most successful swimming squad has secured a sponsorship deal with Wild Recruitment.

    17 May 2016
    Recruitment goes Wild in Poole
    Wild Recruitment in Poole has moved into bigger premises.

    06 May 2016
    BRG Posts Increased Profits
    Recruitment group BRG recorded an increase in turnover of £11m to £60m during 2015.

    06 April 2016
    BRG's Rapid Growth Revealed
    BRG is on target to reach a turnover ‘well in excess’ of £70m this year.

    10 March 2016
    Express Rail Services Gets Ahead
    Express Rail Services gets ahead with major new contract

    06 January 2016
    Berry In Croydon Appoints New Manager
    Jennifer Harvey appointed as new Operations Manager in Croydon.

    06 January 2016
    Berry Picks Karen
    Karen Neale appointed as new Operations Manager in Loughborough.

    06 January 2016
    Berry gets Top Mark
    Mark Reynolds appointed as new Operations Manager in Birmingham.

    05 October 2015
    Case Of The Literary Recruitment Consultant
    Consultant unmasked as an author of Sherlock Holmes books

    15 September 2015
    Wild Appoints Two New Directors
    Wild Recruitment in Portsmouth has promoted two of its long-standing staff to directors.

    15 September 2015
    Expanding in Exeter
    Berry Recruitment in Exeter has expanded into bigger offices.

    04 September 2015
    Berry gets Gestamp of approval
    Berry Recruitment in Cannock has won a major contract with automotive industry giant Gestamp to supp

    12 August 2015
    Kent Jobs Boost
    Berry Recruitment in Maidstone is expanding its base in Pudding Lane and is looking for consultants