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Lessons from the Euro 2020's

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Published on 08 July 2021

From the pitch to the workplace, here are 5 things we've learned from the Euro 2020's.


Learning to work together, and appreciating how different talents can contribute to one goal is essential to being successful. Teamwork betters productivity and allows everyone to contribute - improving the overall working environment and working relationships.


Leaders are there to develop, motivate and lead their teammates (or colleagues) to be the best version of themselves. Leaders put the team before them, and see the bigger picture.

Competition and sportsmanship

The competitive spirit of a sportsman goes hand in hand with accepting defeat. Just like in football, not everything in the working world goes to plan. However, learning to accept this tough lesson can be invaluable to the development of a programme/business. No success story is a straight line.

Handling pressure

An individual or group who are capable of coping when times get tough is incredibly valuable for a company. There's no hiding from these situations in sport, nor in the working environment, so how you react is key. The fantastic performance of the Danish national football team has been a case in point.


The commitment to the team, to the programme and their role can drive a less skilled team to cause upsets. If the commitment to the business, their role, the community and the brand is there in the working environment you will see success as a result.

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Lessons from the Euro 2020's