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It's Time To Trust Your Temporary Workforce

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Published on 26 September 2016

Our Group Business Development Director Spencer Berry highlights the benefits of the temporary workforce:


“Temporary workers can be extremely important to the success of a business but it is vital that employers understand why they are using temporary workers and what advantages they are bringing. Temporary workers should really be used strategically as well as to cover busy periods and holidays. They can bring specialist knowledge and support key, one off projects. They can also promote dynamism and vibrancy within an organisation.


There is every reason to invest time and training in temporary workers but it is also important to understand each individual’s requirements. For example, some people take on temporary roles with a desire to become core, permanent members of staff, but others might well wish to maintain their independence and their work/ life balance. Temporary working brings people flexibility and new challenges - and many thrive on this.


As an employment business with over 90% of its revenue derived from temporary supply, it is perhaps not surprising that we would recommend to employers theuse of a recruitment specialist (especially in these times of growing candidate scarcity).

However, the key to success for any business is understanding every part of its workforce and valuing and supporting their temporary workers.”
It's Time To Trust Your Temporary Workforce