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How a recruitment agency could save you money.

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Published on 25 February 2022

As we all know, business and consumer demands fluctuate dramatically month-to-month and even year-to-year.

Without a solid recruitment strategy, solely relying on permanent employees can drastically increase easily avoidable staffing costs. There are a number of benefits to catering your approach to staffing to your unique business needs.

For example, introducing temporary staff reduces the risk of losing valuable employees, provides a quick solution to permanent staff going on leave, reduces employee stress and ensures that you are not overspending on unnecessary staffing measures. So how exactly can a recruitment agency save you money?

Using a recruitment agency, you immediately reduce the time it will take to hire and in turn, save money. Likewise, by handing over all administrative and legal responsibilities including payroll, statutory payments and employee benefits you reduce overhead costs due to the efficiency of agencies when on-boarding temporary workers.

Hiring temporary workers during a seasonal peak for example, reduces stress for permanent employees. Being considerate of your employees and what your workforce can handle is a great way to reduce employee turnover and save time and money on what it would cost to recruit. A company with numerous long-term employees is a great indicator of a people-centric business strategy.

Recruitment agencies are able to provide workers that tend to be qualified and trained for the role they acquire. They often screen, interview and can even conduct online testing of candidates to ensure they are the highest of quality. This means there is a shorter on-boarding process, once again allowing you to reduce costs.

Unlike a permanent employee who, in most cases, has no specific end date to their contract, temporary workers only work until a specific date or assignment completion. This makes it much easier to find out whether the worker is suitable and reduces the chance of a costly bad hire.

By having the flexibility to on-board temporary staff members for as little amount of time you require, it allows you to accurately manage fluctuating customer demands or additional new projects. In turn, this also means there never has to be a period where you are overstaffed and are paying employees unnecessarily.

Temporary staff do not suit every situation but, when used correctly, they can reduce costs and help your business in immediately apparent ways. They can bring new ideas, improve your processes and contribute to a dynamic, diverse and successful business culture. In short, temporary workers can bring competitive advantage and save you money.