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Published on 28 May 2021

A large area of Kent is within the London commuter belt and more people each year are relocating there. Kent is an area of outstanding national beauty, with a bucket load of job opportunities.

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Kent, also known as the Garden of England, attracts 60 million visitors a year, and for good reason. Twenty-eight per cent of the county forms the North Downs and The High Weald, two areas of outstanding national beauty. A large area of Kent is within the London commuter belt. And due to the opening of High Speed 1 in 2003, along with Kent’s industrial heritage, Kent has become a high-income county. There was an increase in the rise in population between mid-2018 and mid-2019, growing by 12,900 people (0.90%) and bringing the total population at the mid-year point to 1,581,600.

The median weekly full time earnings of Kent residents is £607.10, which is higher than the national average of £587.10. Kent resident earnings have increased by 47.4% since 2002, however they have fallen slightly over the last year (-1.5%).

The professional, scientific and technical industry group accounts for the largest proportion of businesses in Kent (17.5%), providing 39,500 jobs. While the construction industry has the second highest number of businesses (10,570), accounting for 16.8% of all enterprises in the county.

Despite the country’s economic downturn due to COVID-19, the demand for workers within the construction, engineering, sales and technology sectors remains high and is still expected to grow in the long-term. Similarly, roles within health, social care, transport and logistics are due to grow within the county, with emerging opportunities coming about in the tech industry focused around digital roles – a direct correlation to businesses and services adapting to COVID-19.

Kent has a very skilled and varied workforce, with 320,000 people in managerial or professional roles and 40,000 skilled manufacturing workers. Sevenoaks hosts 6,370 businesses within the professional, scientific and technical sector.

The county has lots to offer, and can provide many opportunities for people looking for jobs in Kent. For example, Dover can offer unique business spaces, not to mention the UK’s premier ferry port.

Also based within Kent is Discovery Park (a leading science hub recognised globally) and Betteshanger Sustaining Park (an emerging hub for land management, agri-tec, food security, and environmental technology).

In conclusion, despite the country’s economic downturn due to COVID-19, Kent has managed to maintain its industrial heritage – while opening doors to new opportunities within different and varied industries.

Kent and Medway Economic Renewal and Resilience Plan has been put in place to help Kent recover economically from COVID-19 and their Employment Plan Summary can be found here.

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