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How to Survive Christmas Crunch Time

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Published on 03 December 2018

Top five seasonal jobs that will ease the pressure of the Christmas Period.

Christmas is an exciting time of year! The family is all in town, the kids are eagerly awaiting Santa and the streets are filled with endless streams of lights. But with Christmas, comes various forms of pressure that can make it a stressful time of year for many. The festive period causes UK households to change their spending habits dramatically, through present shopping, eating out, meeting with friends and generally being merry. As a result, families and individuals struggle to save during this time of joyful celebration.

One great solution when Christmas crunch time comes around is temporary work. When the doorbell rings an hour before you were expecting guests, the dog has eaten your only Christmas pudding and your nephew has just smeared porridge across the living room wall, you’ll be pleased you considered these top five seasonal jobs that can earn you extra money with working hours specifically suited to you!

Bar Work
If you don’t mind working weekends and can consider afternoon and evening shifts, why not try bartending or join a waiting staff team? Bar work is a fun and varied profession that provides you with the opportunity to meet new people, and work in a relaxed atmosphere. It’s also a great addition to any CV due to the customer service skills that are required to work in this industry.  

You don’t always have to be a night owl do bar work; many catering companies require staff for various events such as weddings, sports, and concerts, all of which can be an all-day affair! The final perk of a temporary bar job is the potential for gaining some extra cash through tips. In the UK, it’s not uncommon for customers to tip bar staff which will never go astray over Christmas.

While driving isn’t for everyone, for many people it offers independence, an open road and a change of scenery. Why not get paid for it? A temporary driving position opens doors for you to travel to new places and gain invaluable experience. Driving is also flexible and temporary workers have the choice as to the type of drive they wish to do depending on their Christmas commitments, for example: local, long-distance or cross-region.

Lastly, if even after you make it through the demanding festive run up you feel as though you want to keep enjoying the perks of your temporary position, you will find job security in the driving industry. Due to a recent shortage of drivers, if you have a safe driving history, you are highly likely to be offered further work.

Administration or Receptionist
Administration jobs are no longer what you would traditionally think. The increase in technology has allowed admin and receptionist jobs to include varied day-to-day tasks and has become an excellent way to get your foot in the door of an industry that interests you for the future. Additionally, administration jobs are everywhere, so if you need a position that is local, it is highly likely there will be openings in a business near you so you won’t miss a second of all the Christmas cheer.

Although a temporary position may be all that you need, working in administration can often offer upward mobility if you find that it’s a good fit. Never rule out an opportunity for advancement as you never know when your commitments could change, particularly in the New Year.

Warehouse Operatives
If you’re looking for the ultimate temporary position solely for the Christmas period, becoming a warehouse operative is the answer. The demand for warehouse operatives dramatically increases as the festivity does due to the influx of spending that occurs from November to January. Warehouse positions also hold a great deal of flexibility, including the choice of night or day shifts depending on your individual needs.

Particularly since the demand for warehouse workers tends to lessen following February, temporary workers do not need to feel obligated to continue to work into the New Year. Having the flexibility to work as little or as much as you wish means your temporary work will never get in the way of your family’s celebrations.

Everyone wants their house in top shape by the time Christmas comes around, ready to host their family and friends. Society’s current tendency to leave things to the last minute makes the construction industry one of the busiest at this time of year. If you have experience working in trade, considering a role in the construction industry could be a great way to spoil your family with gifts this Christmas. While it’s not as flexible as other divisions, the construction industry typically offers extremely competitive pay rates.

There are also construction jobs available to suit a large variety of skills. If you specialised or have experience in a certain construction role, it is highly likely over the festive period that your skills will be in high demand. 

If you tend to get stretched during the festive period and think a temporary position may be the perfect solution, don’t hesitate to browse our current vacancies or call your local Berry Recruitment team. At Berry, we will fully support you in your job hunt, and do our very best to offer flexible, rewarding and Christmas friendly work.

How to Survive Christmas Crunch Time