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Published on 01 August 2018

Why video interviews are becoming increasingly popular in the recruitment process and how you can be prepared.

In today’s ever-changing technological world, businesses making the decision to conduct video interviews rather than face-to-face or phone interviews are becoming increasingly common. Gone are the days where a face-to-face interview was compulsory for candidates to obtain a job offer. 

Video interviews are not only saving a company's time and money, they also eliminate a number of factors that used to get in the way of the hiring process such as geographical discrimination. Employers and candidates can now conduct interviews regardless of their location, provided they have access to Wi-Fi and a computer or smart device. 

Video interviews can also be a great way for employers to lessen the talent pool and eventually conduct face-to-face interviews with the remaining 2-3 potential candidates. They allow employers to get an insight into the potential candidate’s personality and enthusiasm towards the role. The final benefit video interviews have for hiring companies is that they can be shared. As a result, employers can revisit the interview, send it to colleagues, and make better comparisons between potential candidates even after the video interview is over. 

Although you may not be meeting your potential employer face-to-face, that does not eliminate the need for preparation prior to the interview. Below are the top five ways we believe will help you become a better video interviewee and bag your ideal role:

When selecting a place to do your video interview, make sure it is a quiet, well lit area that has a strong internet connection. If you are doing it at home, be sure to warn family members or house mates that you need them to be quiet for the time period of your interview. Also consider putting any pets somewhere they aren’t at risk of barking or making noises that interrupt your interview.

Although it is not a face-to-face interview, this is not an opportunity to talk to your interviewer in your pyjamas over a cup of tea. Treat the interview as if you were actually going to meet your potential boss, put on a professional outfit and ensure that your hair is neat and tidy.

Although technology is extremely helpful, it also has the potential to cause a number of distractions. Be sure to turn off all notifications on the computer or smart device you’re making the call from so your interviewer doesn’t hear notification sounds, and you won’t be distracted. Eye contact is a very important part of any interview, so ensuring all possible distractions are eliminated will help you to show your interviewer your undivided attention.

Doing an interview in your own home can mean you might be more comfortable than you would be in a face-to-face interview. While a video interview may feel more relaxed, this should not take away from your professionalism. It may feel unnatural to smile and sit up straight in the comfort of your own home but make sure you are enthusiastic and allow your excitement for the role to shine through.

Never overlook the value of practice when it comes to interviews. Do some research into the company you are looking to do an interview for as well as some common interview questions that are asked within that industry. It may help to practice recording yourself on the device you plan to use for the interview.  This will allow you to see for yourself how you look and sound and make adjustments accordingly.

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Lights, Camera, Action!