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Published on 14 April 2021

Staffordshire is a thriving, multicultural region with vibrant cities and towns. It’s the largest economy in the West Midlands outside of Birmingham and historically has a strong record in economic growth and low unemployment. This is partly owed to the many start-ups and world-renowned businesses, and the fact that Staffordshire is home to many of England’s leading tourist attractions.

Over the last decade there has been more people in higher value, better paid jobs across a wide range of different sectors. While the country faced an economic downturn as a result of COVID-19, Staffordshire’s tourism sector is still expected to grow in the long-term, and the county continues to see demand for roles in health, social care and logistics, with clear emerging opportunities for job creation in digital, manufacturing and construction.

In 2019, the top certification most requested in Staffordshire was the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Card, with Forklift Truck Licence and HGV Licence coming in 4th and 5th
Around 75% of Staffordshire is classified as being rural in nature, and agriculture and its related industries including the food and drink sector, tourism and the availability of resources all contribute to its economy

Strengths remain in advanced manufacturing thanks to excellent road and rail freight links. In other areas from agri-tech to software development, employers are attracted by Staffordshire’s skilled workforce, its connectivity and affordable land and premises.

In the not too distant future, Staffordshire will be surrounded by a number of new full-HS2 stations and benefit from compatible HS2 services. This will provide significant future opportunities for growth, with travel to and from London being possible in under an hour.
And following a number of positive announcements regarding new investment plans and job creation, Staffordshire will be undergoing an economic regeneration, while stepping out of the shadows of its big city neighbours, such as Manchester.

In Staffordshire just over 13% of the workforce is employed in manufacturing, which is significantly higher than the UK average
Between January and October 2020, the most significant hard skill in Staffordshire was warehousing, followed by trunking, TracPipe® installation and order picking

To conclude, demand for labour in engineering and high-tech manufacturing within Staffordshire will continue to grow to match economic performance, leading to a steady demand for new employees. And thanks to the connected counties’ vibrant corridors, famous attractions and rich history, tourism will always be a driver of employment in the area.
Staffordshire’s economy proved to be strong and growing before COVID hit, but with the end of battle against the pandemic in sight and the Staffordshire County Council’s five year recovery strategy in place, we can expect the jobs market to thrive once again.

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