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Published on 27 April 2022

Mental health is a major factor in how we live our lives, including how we work.

Good mental health can increase productivity, happiness, and overall health, and can positively impact whatever life throws your way. However, poor mental health can make a typical day feel like a bad day, and finding meaning in work and life can prove difficult. Which is one of the reasons why Berry Recruitment has decided to take on a challenge to go the distance to raise money for the charity Mind.

In 2020-2021 Mind reached over 1.57 million employees through Mind’s workplace wellbeing program, not to mention the other campaigns put in place to support and advise people experiencing mental health problems - which come in all shapes and sizes.

The challenge?
As a company, we plan to cover the distance from Berry Recruitment Truro to Berry Recruitment Darlington throughout May. That is 421 miles (678km) in 31 days. Throughout May, Berry Recruitment will be walking, running or cycling the distance to raise money for Mind charity. We’ve set the goal to raise £421, but for every 1 mile covered Berry Recruitment is going to donate an additional £1.

Week one:

Only one week into the challenge and we’re already half way to our target! 240 miles done, leaving us with 181 miles to go. Thank you to everyone who has participated and helped us get closer to our target. 

This week’s activities have included lunch time walks and hop scotch with colleagues, bike rides to work and the gym, walking to places we’d normally drive to, exploring our local areas and a few morning and evening runs. Below are some pictures of our activities, along with a very cute training partner!

Week two:

Week two has taken us beyond our target. We have walked the distance from our Cornwall branch to our Darlington branch, AND back, and then some! In total covering 1,111 miles. Amazing work from the team, what will week three bring?

This week has included lots of four-legged companions, hilly bike rides and walks with friends and family. Check out week two in pictures below.

Week three:

Week three's nice weather has inspired more scenic walks, runs and bike rides, taking us to a total of 1,773 miles. With just over a week to go, it's safe to say we have left our target of 421 miles in the dust! 

A lot of blue skies featured in our pictures of the week below.

Come back for the next weekly update!

Wish to donate? Click the following link:

Berry Recruitment goes the distance