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New Year Recruitment Resolutions

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Published on 27 December 2017

Have you considered your 2018 recruitment & retention strategy? Don't worry, there is still time...

Here are our top five considerations when workforce planning.

Current Workforce Planning
Do you have the capacity in your business to take on more work without creating more jobs?
8 in 10 UK employers highlighted that they had absolutely no spare capacity within their organisation to take on more work in 2017*
Skills ShortagesConsidering your industry and job functions, do you expect to find a shortage of appropriate candidates in 2018? How will you plan for these shortages?
Quality of HiresWhat recruitment channels have you used in the past year? Were they effective in getting the right quality of candidates? 85% of decisions makers admit their business made a bad hire in 2017*
Covering Leave and AbsenceWhat plans do you have in place to stop holiday and sickness affecting your productivity? Do you have a formal handover procedure that your team uses and do you have access to a talent pool or temporary cover than you can call upon?
Peaks in DemandTry pinpointing high volume recruitment periods and create a plan that both your current team and external resources can follow so they know what to expect. Making these procedures the norm will better prepare your team and business during peaks within the industry.

*Recruitment and Employment Confederation. A Perfect Match Report, June 2017
New Year Recruitment Resolutions