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Berry Recruitment’s East Anglian expansion

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Published on 01 February 2024

Berry Recruitment King's Lynn has partnered with facilities management organisation EMCOR UK to supply workers across East Anglia.

Berry Recruitment anticipates that it will provide many new roles to candidates who will benefit from the relationship.

Training on the job, highly competitive salaries and career development opportunities are designed to attract workers to fill a variety of roles.

The partnership highlights the need for candidates and shows that the region’s economy is in a positive state, with EMCOR UK helping drive it forward.

Lauren Kirby, who secured the partnership for the agency, said: “Our relationship with EMCOR UK creates really attractive opportunities.

“Job hunters don’t just look at a salary, they examine the whole package which is why we offer so much in order to find the best.

“The market is still candidate-driven and the emphasis must be on offering more than anyone else, which is what we do to find the staff for EMCOR UK.

“We supply them with workers in various sectors, including the sugar and water industries, in locations including Bury St Edmunds, Newark and Cantley.

“We have a team of experienced recruiters and are pleased that EMCOR UK has placed their trust in us to provide the staff they need.”

Steven Thomson, from EMCOR UK, said: “We are known for our commitment to creating a positive and inclusive working environment, valuing diversity and promoting a collaborative atmosphere, where colleagues feel seen, heard and recognised. 

“This inclusive culture not only enhances teamwork but also encourages innovation and creativity across the workforce.”

Jobs include production operatives, industrial cleaners, cleaning supervisors, scaffolders, welders, forklift drivers as well as other roles.

Already many of those who Berry have supplied have been offered permanent jobs with competitive salaries.
Berry Recruitment’s East Anglian expansion