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Good Work Habits That Will Boost Your Career

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Published on 17 December 2018

We hear all too often how important it is to be constantly building our resume and accepting positions that make us desirable for future employers, but something many of us forget is that a lot of our development can occur within our existing position. By investing in yourself and practising good work habits at your current workplace, you can develop unique skills and become vital to the overall success of your department.

The work habits we practice on a day to day basis can also have a dramatic impact on future career advancements. Our tips for forming good work habits are based on improving four areas of your work day that are sure to boost your career and make you indispensable: productivity, motivation, appearance and development.

1. Do your urgent tasks first
Before you begin your day, write yourself a list pinpointing the three most crucial tasks you want to complete for that day. Prioritise them in order of importance and create a plan for how you will complete them productively. Don’t prioritise tasks by how much you enjoy them.

2. Say no to low priority tasks
A common mistake employees make is accepting work that is not their responsibility, which in turn affects their ability to be successful in their own role. Resist the urge to do minor tasks that only stunt your ability to reach targets and instead, ask yourself whether that task is truly an effective use of your time.

3. Incorporate an individual weekly review
Many companies have weekly department meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page and to bring up any pressing issues and the same can be done on an individual basis. Incorporate a weekly personal review into your own routine to ensure you are accomplishing your tasks for the week as planned. Question yourself about the quality of your work, take note of anything you may have forgotten and ensure it gets completed before the end of the week.

1. Take small rests or breaks
Something as simple as making yourself a tea to reward yourself for completing a task can have a dramatic impact on your drive to produce high quality work and your efficiency in doing so. It also gives you a moment to stretch your legs, increase blood flow and prepare yourself to begin a new task when you return to your workspace.

2. Record all of your ideas
Although you should not take on tasks that are counterproductive to your success, never assume that you will be in the same role forever. Take note of any ideas that spring to mind whether they relate to your current workload, your company or department, or your future employment plans, write them down. You never know when you’ll get asked to express new ideas in a department meeting or be offered new opportunities for advancement. If you have variety in your working week, this in itself can be motivating.

3. Eliminate distractions
Distractions such as your phone, personal email, and other various notifications that can appear on your work computer decrease motivation by making you want to attend to them rather than achieve your daily goals. Be sure to turn your phone on silent and place it out of reach during work hours. If you stray away from distractions during work hours, having the freedom to attend to your phone during your lunch break, and after work becomes your reward for remaining so focused.

Keep a professional appearance
You really never know who you might meet with or speak to whilst you’re at work. It is crucial to always practice good hygiene and have a professional appearance during work hours. Not only does it influence how coworkers and customers see you, but it also helps you to behave professionally and be confident in your abilities.

1. Never stop learning and investing in your own development
Even if you hate studying, there are a number of ways you can be receptive to learning and continue to expand your knowledge base. This could be something as simple as always carrying a relevant book for whenever you have a spare moment, doing an online course to brush up on your skills, or even attending a seminar day. Never allow yourself to get comfortable with how far you’ve come, always aim higher.

2. Keep up to date on your company and the industry as a whole
Follow competitor companies, news and knowledgeable individuals within your industry on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Invest a small amount of time a day into keeping yourself aware of industry trends and how they will affect your career as well as your company’s success. It can also be helpful to set up a Google alert to notify you whenever there are trends on any given topic.

At Berry Recruitment, we aim to place you in relevant roles where you feel you can progress and to assist you in your career development. We do this by ensuring we gain a full understanding of your personality and aspirations. Additionally, we provide a skill evaluation, CV and interview advice, and share our extensive market knowledge.

By following these tips and trusting Berry Recruitment throughout your job seeking process, we believe you will gain roles specifically suited to your skill set and resultantly, shape your career in ways that exceed even your own expectations.

Good Work Habits That Will Boost Your Career