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Careers in the Driving Sector.

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Published on 08 January 2021

Focusing on careers in the Driving sector, we take a look at some statistics from the industry.

Careers in the Driving Sector

Almost every industry in the world is influenced by transport and logistics, meaning that a range of career paths are available in this ever-developing sector. Drivers are at the core of this industry given that transport and logistics operations require a lot of vehicles, machinery and infrastructure to remain fully functional.

The Berry Recruitment Driving service is built upon sector knowledge and a track record of working with high quality drivers and clients. Around one hundred LGV, 7.5 Tonne, Minibus, Dustcart and other driving jobs are advertised everyday. As Logistics UK and R.E.C. Drivers group members, we are committed to maintaining the very highest recruitment standards in this specialist area.
It has been estimated that one in five of the UK’s existing LGV workers will retire within the next 10 years, and this deficit should encourage pay growth and career opportunities.

For more information on how the Berry Recruitment Driving Division can help you, please contact your local branch today.

Careers in the Driving Sector.