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Five Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress

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Published on 12 April 2021

Work-related stress not only affects productivity, but it also affects your life outside of work and overall happiness.

Sometimes small changes in your workplace practices can help reduce daily work-related stress.

During your lunch break, go for a quick walk. Not only does exercise help with stress relief, it can boost concentration, decrease fatigue and enhance your overall cognitive functions. Lastly, it will also ensure that you set aside time away from your desk.

Create Lists.
Seems obvious? Writing lists is actually a great time-management tool that helps you to visualise what you aim to achieve that day, and make it feel doable. When you get into work, note down some of the key things you need to get done that day. Work through each task, one at a time, and tick them off as you go.

Take Short Breaks.
Stand up, stretch and walk around regularly. Refocus your mind by taking a few deep breaths. The brain, like a muscle, requires recovery time to reach its maximum potential. A fifteen minute break can dramatically improve your mental well-being and your performance at work.

Drink Water.
Staying hydrated can help to prevent headaches and boost your brain power, so make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. It is recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, so set yourself a goal of one glass per hour. This will allow your major organs to function properly and reduce stress on your body.

Wind Down.
Everyone has their own strategy for winding down, so find something you enjoy and make sure you are able to completely clear your mind of work related issues, even if it is just for a half hour. Consider turning off phones and laptops during this time to ensure you are able to separate yourself from distracting work demands.