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Published on 27 October 2021

The festive season is almost upon us! And while times are still unpredictable, one thing is for certain – there is still a healthy demand for seasonal staff.

If you’re looking for a change, or you’ve regrettably been faced with redundancy this festive period, why not take advantage of the increasing number of spenders and consider temporary work to start earning?

Not only will an income from temping help you deal with the pressure to spend that is created around Christmas, it is also a flexible and rewarding form of employment. Often people feel as though their current commitments would never allow them to consider a job. However, a temporary position could be the perfect solution as it allows you to work hours specifically suited to your availability. This includes the right to say ‘no’ to a shift if you are unable to work those particular hours. Unlike the strict demands of permanent roles, temporary positions place you in complete control of your own hours.

Temporary work can also prevent conflicting priorities when trying to create work-life balance. Employees in permanent roles may feel demotivated during the festive season due to the underlying pressure or desire to be spending quality time with their family, particularly after such a turbulent year. So if you are currently on the hunt for a new role, spending some time doing temporary work over Christmas is a great way to earn an income while the permanent job market returns to its usual pace whilst still having time to spare for your loved ones. Temporary work also prevents CV gaps which will help your employability.

Another huge advantage of temporary work is that it opens doors for potentially exploring a role in a new industry. Temporary work helps you meet new people, challenge yourself, gain new skills and learn from more experience. Resultantly, temping can often advance you in future roles through having additional experience, or even propel you into a new industry.

As a leading recruitment agency throughout the UK, we understand that the needs of job seekers constantly evolve depending on each individual’s situation and commitments. Our consultants are trained to work with you to find a role that is perfectly suited to your unique circumstance.

So, why not browse our current range of opportunities or contact your local Berry team today?

Make seasonal temping work for you.