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Published on 31 August 2021

Let's get back to work with confidence.

COVID 19 changed the world of work for everyone. Some of us found ourselves with two screens on the dining room table, some of us were put on furlough and unfortunately, as many as 800,000 of us lost our jobs.

Although steps are being taken to return to normality, a lot of time has passed since the start of the pandemic, and no one quite knows what ‘normal’ will look like in the future. The workplace is no exception to this. Which is why, at Berry Recruitment, we are here to help everyone get back to work with confidence.

In most instances, the working environment has changed. Everyone is unique and may feel differently about returning to work as lockdown has affected people in different ways. So, if you’re feeling a bit lost or anxious, you are not alone.

How Berry Recruitment can help:
- Help prepare and guide you through writing your CV.
- Provide a step-by-step guide to help throughout the interview process.
- Advice on video interviews.
- Tips on how to make the most out of job and career fairs.
- Advice on changing industries.
- Access to a range of benefits, including free online training courses.
- Friendly consultants available to help, contact us here.

Take a look at more of the Berry benefits here.

Here are some general principles to give you the best chance of staying mentally ready and healthy if you are looking for work.

Make sure you get to know the people you deal with throughout your job search and communicate with them. Ask questions, ask for their advice and consider asking for a return-to-work conversation with them to identify priorities and to raise any concerns or questions you have. This will make the process feel comfortable.

Don’t see your concerns or worries as weaknesses throughout the process. Identify them, talk about them and create ways to overcome them.

Have self check-ins.
How am I coping? Could I do more to help myself stay mentally healthy? Is there anything else I could do to improve my employability? Asking yourself questions, checking in with yourself, and embracing your feelings will put you in the right place mentally, and allow you to get the most out of each job hunting process you go through.

Don’t forget to be kind to yourself!

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