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Sleigh Your Way to Extra Cash: Christmas Temp Jobs

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Published on 09 November 2023

6 types of temporary seasonal jobs that don’t require experience.

If you’re looking to boost your bank account this festive season, picking up a temporary seasonal role is a no-brainer.

At this time of year, there is an enormous uplift in demand for staff in most industries, including office, retail, industrial and hospitality, and they’ll be looking to hire quickly. So here are some examples of roles that you can take on immediately and with little or no experience.

Bartender, Waiter or Event Staff
If you don’t mind working weekends and evenings and would enjoy a fast-paced, sociable role then a job in hospitality may be your ticket. Catering and hospitality roles are fun and varied, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet lots of new people within a lively atmosphere.

From Christmas dinners and concerts to sports events and gala evenings, there are endless opportunities available at this time of year that promise a memorable experience. It’s also a great addition to your CV with the customer service skills acquired. And to top it off, you may have the opportunity to earn even more with tips from your customers.

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Warehouse Operative
With the influx of purchasing that occurs from November to January, demand for forklift drivers, pickers/packers and general operatives rockets, so vacancies are in abundance. As a result of this, the pay and benefits are competitive.

Another benefit of warehouse work is that it holds a good deal of flexibility, including the choice of night or day shifts, so you can still fit it around your Christmas plans.

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Administrator or Receptionist
While some offices slow down during the Christmas period, others ramp up to coordinate events, handle logistics or support their customers, so being an administrator or receptionist can be a fun and action-packed position at this time. Particularly if you find yourself in a front of house role that allows you to meet and greet cheery visitors.

Additionally, an admin job can provide you with a lot of desired hard and soft skills which could benefit your job search in the future.

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Delivery Driver
Delivery driving is another job that offers some flexibility with schedules. And with the role being fairly autonomous, it’s a great option for those who enjoy their independence and prefer not to be managed. And with the role taking you to new places every day from the comfort of your vehicle, it’s suitable for those who need variety.

There is a prolonged shortage of drivers even outside of the festive season, so if you decide that driving is something you’d like to do full-time, you’ll find a very secure industry with lots of opportunities and the chance to have further licenses and training paid for.

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Stock replenishment or retail
If you like the idea of fully immersing yourself in a festive atmosphere, then you’d be well-suited to a role in retail.
Working in stock replenishment you’ll be kept pretty busy throughout the Christmas period, so your shifts will fly by. There will either be day or night shifts available, so you could opt for the quiet evenings or the lively days depending on what suits you best. And as a bonus, lots of stores will offer staff discounts, saving you some £££s on your Christmas spending.

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Customer service support
Offering support, solving problems and building positive relationships with customers can be very rewarding work, making a customer service role ideal over the Christmas period.
It’s also another opportunity that will teach you desirable skills, including relationship management, problem-solving, communication, conflict resolution and technological proficiency.

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So if you’re ready to find a temporary Christmas role, then get in touch with your local Berry branch. 
We will fully support you in your job hunt, advise on jobs that match your requirements and do our best to source flexible, rewarding work.

Sleigh Your Way to Extra Cash: Christmas Temp Jobs