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Slow businesses missing out on talent

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Published on 07 June 2018

Businesses are missing out on the best staff because they are taking too long making decisions, a leading recruitment company has warned.

With good candidates in short supply the onus is now on businesses to make good, quick offers – and many are dragging their heels.

Berry Recruitment Group (BRG) works from 36 locations across England and Wales and said this trend is seen everywhere.

According to one survey the best candidates are off the market in just ten days, but the average hire takes almost a month.

Companies no longer have the luxury of picking the brightest candidates; the candidates now pick the brightest companies.

Chris Chown, managing director of BRG, said: “Recruiters used to advise candidates about how to get the role with the client, now they advise the client about how to get the candidate.

“It is all down to supply and demand. Because they are in short supply it is good candidates who now have the decision-making power.

“We are finding that some businesses are slow to realise this and wonder why they can’t recruit the best people.

“We are increasingly helping businesses to speed up their procedures so they can make faster decisions.

“HR departments and management should identify the need for new staff early then concentrate on creating an attractive job description.

“If they prepare a timetable and stick to it then there is less chance of candidates slipping through the net.

“It’s also important to keep communicating with candidates because in today’s society silence is often interpreted as a lack of interest. 

“This trend is apparent in many sectors in which we work, including office and professional, technical, IT, driving, industrial and catering.

“It is evident across the country and those businesses that have the best and quickest procedures are benefiting most.”

BRG, which includes the brands Berry Recruitment, Wild Recruitment, Express Rail Services and Wild Berry Associates, recently reported an increase in turnover of £3m to a £65m.

Slow businesses missing out on talent