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Could you be the next Apprentice?

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Published on 03 October 2019

Check our Claude Littner's interview tips.

Do you have what it takes to be the next Apprentice?

It’s been a while since we spoke to Claude Littner, Apprentice advisor to Sir Alan Sugar, but his interview tips certainly still apply.

Speaking to the in-house newsletter of Berry Recruitment Group (BRG) he said 'Remember - if you've reached the interview stage you've already got further than most. Dress appropriately and look the interviewer in the eye and shake hands firmly - a limp handshake is a real put-off'

The most important thing you can do in preparation for the interview is research the company and find out as much as you can. Claude Littner advises that 'at the very least, you need to know about the company's product range, competitors and market position'
Ask Questions
'An interview is a two way process, whatever you might have seen on The Apprentice. Prepare a few genuine questions of interest - but not about how much holiday comes with the job! If the interview panel throws a curve-ball question and you can't answer it, tell them so, or ask for a minute to think. Don't just blurt something out that you regret the moment you utter it.'

Be Honest
'You might fool an interviewer into giving you a job, but that joy will quickly disappear if you fail to perform and you lose the job. If an interview has gone well it's good to hear the candidate thank the interviewer and say at the end: 'I really want this job'. It leaves the interviewer with a positive message.'

For more interview tips and tricks, check out our Career Advice page or contact a member of our helpful team today!

Could you be the next Apprentice?