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UB40 leads to employment through Facebook

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Published on 17 August 2017

More than 70 bar staff who performed at a UB40 concert in Darlington were recruited exclusively over Facebook, it’s been revealed.

Dani Gallone of Berry Recruitment in the town took to social media rather than rely on more traditional methods of recruiting.
Just four months after the branch of the national recruiter opened, its Facebook presence was such that 72 bar staff roles were filled for the one-off event.

UB40 – named after the Unemployment Benefit ‘Form 40’ - Level 42 and The Original Wailers played in front of thousands at The Northern Echo Arena.

The bar staff that Dani was asked to supply were so good that her team have supplied more for other events, including an Olly Murs gig in Carlisle.

The Darlington branch has grown rapidly in a short space of time and specialises in the industrial, logistics and automotive environment as well as hospitality. Dani said: “After launching the branch in February we deliberately developed our social media presence.

“I believe it is a crucial part of recruitment today and means less reliance on more traditional methods such as job boards.

“However, to recruit 72 bar staff just over Facebook was something I didn’t expect – especially as the concert was a week after the dreadful events of the Manchester bombing at the Ariana Grande concert, and on a bank holiday.

“Recruiting over social media still requires us to meet and interview candidates and check they are suitable for the roles, but it has worked really well in the north east.

“The workers were great and they served lots of red, red wine.

“Berry Recruitment has been pushing for staff to utilise social media and the policy is working really well. It is one method among many at our disposal.

“Since that concert we’ve supplied further workers for the promoter and other branches have been recruiting for them too
“I wouldn’t have been able to fill the roles we were asked to if I hadn’t used social media.

“It also shows that there are plenty of people about who are skilled and willing to work at one-off events.”

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