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The Numbers Add Up For Berry Recruitment

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Published on 30 November 2016

Berry Recruitment based in Falmouth has expanded its operations in response to a growing demand for workers in the office and financial sector.

The branch has created a ‘commercial’ desk to service an increasing number of clients looking for accountants, bookkeepers and office staff.  The desk provides temporary and permanent workers for all office-based roles, but the growth of positions in the financial area indicates that the economy is doing well.

Business confidence appears to have rebounded following the referendum and in Cornwall the number of people claiming Job Seekers Allowance is at its lowest since 1992.

Berry Recruitment has traditionally concentrated on recruiting in the hospitality, catering, construction, industrial and driving sectors.  A record year in these areas and an ever-increasing demand for its recruiting expertise has enabled the branch to expand its range of services.  The commercial desk is growing rapidly and filling positions across Cornwall and into west Devon.

The branch is part of the national Berry Recruitment Group (BRG) which has 32 locations across England and Wales.

Manager Rebecca Hilling said: “The new commercial desk is being run by Sally Lanji who has a great deal of experience and has led its rapid growth.  There is a big demand on the financial side and we are recruiting mainly permanent positions at entry level through to management level.  We are placing staff with private practice accountancy firms and within industry and this growth indicates an improving economy.  We have a team of six experienced recruiters and we are finding the same trends across the county and into Devon.  With Christmas coming up there will be a big demand for drivers and hospitality staff so we anticipate being extremely busy for the foreseeable future.”

Berry Recruitment Group employs more than 200 people and anticipates turnover to be well over £60m in 2016.

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