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Published on 29 May 2020

Meet our Regional Manager, Jeff Williams!

Meet the Team.
Jeff Williams, Regional Manager @ Berry Recruitment Loughborough, Stafford and Birmingham
What drew you to begin working for Berry Recruitment?
I was attracted by the team ethos, and a determination to work together as one. Berry has a good reputation in the marketplace.
How did you get into the industry? I was a Transport Manager that occasionally used temp drivers to support my operation, I got chatting to a manager from an established recruitment company who felt recruitment seemed a perfect fit for my skill set. I now have 22 years experience in recruitment management alone!
What are your expert areas? Mainly Catering, Hospitality and now Industrial, Office and Professional and Driving.
What does the area have to offer job seekers? A variety of opportunities! We are always looking for loyal talent that can grow with us and expect a rewarding future.
What advice would you give to candidates seeking work in the Midlands? F
lexibility and reliability. Clients rely on staff members that are timely and flexible. Also providing a strong CV always helps!
What advice would you give to clients in the Midlands area seeking staff? At Berry Recruitment, we are experts at attracting good quality staff. Competitive pay rates and good working environments are two of the main factors that help us find success and increase client satisfaction. Treating temps as part of the team from the outset is also important as you can never undo a first impression.
With your background in the Royal Marines, what do you now enjoy doing in your spare time? I spend a lot of time putting something back into the military community where I work with the homeless and those suffering mental health issues. This can be demanding at times and I was lucky enough to be awarded as a 'Volunteer of the Year Finalist' for England in 2019.

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