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Published on 01 February 2020

Looking for a recruitment agency in Loughborough? Get to know our Loughborough branch by reading our interview with Area Operations Manager, Karen Neale

Meet the Team.
Karen Neale, Area Operations Manager @ Berry Recruitment Loughborough

What is your experience? I have over 14 years experience in the recruitment industry.
How did you get into the industry? After a number of years working in the travel industry, I was headhunted by an agency director to join their recruitment team.
What are your expert areas? Driving performance and people management in all areas
What does the area have to offer job seekers? Loughborough is quite a diverse town with a large famous sports university offering many opportunities to all genders and age groups. We primarily focus on providing temporary and permanent roles within the Catering and Hospitality sector and work with a range of businesses throughout Loughborough and the surrounding areas.
How would you describe the team in Loughborough? We are c
ustomer focused and pride ourselves on delivering a 5 star service.
Why do we stand out from the competition in the Loughborough area? Our service standards make us stand out from the rest! We love building lasting relationships with our candidates and clients and we take pride in providing excellent service and high calibre staff. Why not check out our Google Reviews?
What is your top job hunting tip?At Interview stage make sure you have researched the company and use the interview to ask lots of questions to make sure they are the type of company you want to work for. Don’t just accept anything - know your value.
What music motivates the team? Up beat motivational songs i.e. 'Simply The Best' and 'Proud' – This lifts their spirits and gets everyone buzzing.

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Recruitment Agencies in Loughborough