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Berry’s onsite-offsite hub model is rolled out

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Published on 11 October 2021

Berry Recruitment has launched the first of its new offsite hubs that it believes will be the template for future onsite recruitment.

The Hybrid Onsite Resource Centre (HORC) in Washington near Sunderland will serve those businesses that require larger numbers of workers.

Whereas previously Berry Recruitment might have placed its recruiters within a client’s company, it now has them based in the nearby hub.

Each client still receives a dedicated account manager and the model means the hub can cater for those clients that are too small for a dedicated onsite presence.

The hubs run alongside Berry Recruitment’s network of nearly 40 branches across England and Wales that stretch from Cornwall to Darlington.

Berry Recruitment’s Onsite Divisional Director Vikki Holloway said: “The hybrid solution means we can support clients which wouldn’t usually justify an onsite presence.

“Our Washington hub will be the first of many and means we can offer the same level of onsite service to more clients.

“Each client has a dedicated account manager, we still recruit with face-to-face interviews and believe this is the way forward.

“It doesn’t mean our present onsite teams will relocate or that we won’t have more actual onsite teams in the future – but it gives us massive flexibility.

“The hubs will work in numerous sectors, from driving, logistics, e-commerce, and manufacturing to supply-chain, warehouse work and construction.

“For those companies that need regular numbers of workers on a daily or weekly basis, the hubs are the answer.

“Likewise, for those workers looking for regular work it is worth getting registered.

“We are launching in Washington because of the number of businesses in the area that could benefit from the service.”

There are four staff so far in the Washington HORC and it is being directly overseen by Berry Recruitment’s regional manager for the north, Peter Savage.

Berry’s onsite-offsite hub model is rolled out