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Published on 22 September 2017

Berry Recruitment in Cardiff has appointed Stacey Bullock as its new manager.

Berry Recruitment in Cardiff has appointed Stacey Bullock as its new manager – and she wants the Severn Bridge toll to be axed immediately.

The experienced recruiter heads a team of four at the branch in Cathedral Road and thinks a free crossing would open up the city to more workers.

Currently there is a candidate shortage across South Wales and Cardiff could attract more people if it were cheaper to get to from the east.

In July, the Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns announced that tolls would be scrapped at the end of 2018, saying it would boost the South Wales economy by around £100m a year.

But such is the need for workers that Stacey wants it removed sooner so candidates from the Bristol conurbation won’t be put off from seeking jobs over the border.

The branch recruits in the office and finance, contact centre and industrial sectors and has plenty of work available.

Stacey, who is from the city, said: “Finding candidates is our biggest challenge and we are being very pro-active in attracting them.

“But one barrier is the bridge and candidates from across the river are put off by the £7 charge.

“This adds up over a week and it’s no wonder that workers from the Bristol area are choosing not to pay it.

“Removing the toll would level the playing field and would help the South Wales economy and give workers more opportunities."

Berry's Cardiff Appointment