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Benefits Of Goal Setting

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Published on 31 January 2017

The Benefits of Goal Setting

For most of us, the New Year marks a period of time when we look ahead with fresh optimism and set our goals for the upcoming year. This list of goals can be plentiful; eating healthily, exercising, planning a holiday, looking for a new job or perhaps starting a project, but the real key to succeeding is to maintain this level of inspiration and desire to make progress.

In the workplace, setting goals is an important process that will keep you motivated and provide you with a sense of direction. Once you have set yourself a goal, belief, hard work and absolute determination are all essential factors in enabling your goal to be achieved.

Chris Chown, BRG Managing Director says “Goal setting is important not only for providing a focus but also because it allows opportunities for recognition. Break your goals down into specific objectives which once reached will bring you a step closer to achieving your overall goal. In our business we set goals and then agree the objectives to reach that goal. We then review the objectives weekly, monthly and quarterly and congratulate when objectives have been achieved and re-focus where necessary. This not only provides clear guidance on what we are looking to achieve but also provides plenty of opportunities to recognise 'good work' within the business'.

Berry’s Top Tips:

• Challenging but realistic. Make your goals aspirational but achievable so you don’t give up before you have even got stuck in! If your goal is achievable you can steadily move forward in the right direction.
• Break the goal down into objectives and approach the objectives as building blocks which take you closer to your goal.
• Maintain a positive attitude towards achieving your goal; strong willpower and a strong mind will always push you on.
• Finish each day with a target for the next, however small this may be and reward yourself for each goal that you hit.

Benefits Of Goal Setting