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Salary Package: Up to £26000 per annum
Location: Exeter, England
Consultant: Jade Singh
Posted: 05/07/2024


Job Title: Lead Warming Telesales Representative

Location: Exeter, Remote

Job Type: Full-Time

Company Overview: This Client is a dynamic and innovative company specialising in the Health care Insurance Sector. They are committed to delivering top-notch services to their clients and fostering a collaborative and growth-oriented work environment. Currently seeking a motivated and skilled Lead Warming Telesales Representative to join our expanding sales team.

Job Summary: The Lead Warming Telesales Representative is responsible for engaging potential customers, building relationships, and nurturing leads through outbound calls. The primary goal is to prepare leads for the sales process, ensuring they are well-informed and interested in proceeding to the next stage of the sales process. This role requires excellent communication skills, a persuasive demeanour, and the ability to handle objections effectively.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead Engagement: Initiate outbound calls to prospective customers from provided lead lists, introducing them to their services.

  • Relationship Building: Establish and maintain strong relationships with potential customers through consistent and professional communication.

  • Lead Qualification: Assess the needs and interests of potential customers to determine their suitability and readiness for their services.

  • Information Dissemination: Provide detailed information about their services, addressing any questions or concerns prospective customers may have.

  • Objection Handling: Effectively manage and overcome objections, progressing the customer to the sales team.

  • Data Management: Accurately update and maintain customer information and interactions in the CRM system.

  • Collaboration: Work closely with the sales team to ensure smooth handover of qualified leads and provide insights from interactions.

  • Performance Tracking: Meet and exceed individual and team targets for lead engagement, qualification, and conversion.


  • Experience: Previous experience in telesales, telemarketing, or a similar role is highly desirable.

  • Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills with a persuasive and engaging phone presence.

  • Customer Focus: Strong ability to understand customer needs and provide relevant information to foster interest.

  • Problem-Solving: Ability to handle objections and challenges with a positive and solutions-oriented approach.

  • Organisational Skills: High level of organisational skills and attention to detail for managing lead information and follow-ups.

  • Tech Savvy: Proficiency with CRM systems and basic computer applications.

  • Self-Motivation: Driven and goal-oriented with a proactive attitude towards achieving targets.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in Customer Services

Please note that no terminology in this advert is intended to discriminate on the grounds of a person's gender, marital status, race, religion, colour, age, disability or sexual orientation. Every candidate will be assessed only in accordance with their merits, qualifications and ability to perform the duties of the job.